Rep. John Lewis: Obama Should ‘Declare Martial Law’ in Ferguson

Congressman John Lewis spoke on MSNBC today about the chaos unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, and told Andrea Mitchell that President Obama should declare martial law and federalize the National Guard to protect protestors.

Lewis, of course, is a civil rights icon who marched in Alabama all those years ago to fight for equal rights for African-Americans. And, in fact, Mitchell said today what she witnessed in Ferguson was unlike anything she's seen in fifty years.

Lewis said, "Ferguson, Missouri, it's not the Congo. It is not China. Shocking news from Ferguson MissouriIt is not Russia. We can do better." He spoke of the similarities between this case and the protests he participated in all those years ago, before proposing Obama declare martial law.

"President Obama should use the authority of his office to declare martial law. Federalize the Missouri National Guard to protect people as they protest, and people should come together... If we fail to act, the fires of frustration and discontent will continue to burn, not only in Ferguson, Missouri, but all across America."

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

[image via screengrab]

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